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Armed guards in Marlboro schools

Going to school in Marlboro is going to be quite different for the next three months. Due to the tragic events at the Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School, school officials nationwide have taken a second look at their safety measures. Here’s a breakdown of the outcome of recent Marlboro Board of Education discussions and the conclusion which they have reached.

  • Effective January 2, 2013, armed police officers are stationed at the front doors of all eight schools in the district.
  • There will be a ninety day trial, after which an assessment will be made so as to determine steps for the future of maintaining safety in the schools.
  • This experiment will cost $100,000 and be taken out of the district’s general fund.
  • The district is looking to improve upon the currently established security measures of its Visitor Management System where visitor drivers’ licenses are scanned and checked in a database.

What are your thoughts on measures that can be taken to protect student and teacher security?

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Marlboro home buyer relocation information

Relocating to a new community can be a stressful process. There are many things to take into account including quality of local schools, local amenities, crime levels, tax rates and distance to work. Below you will find important Marlboro, NJ Home Buyer Relocation Information.

School Systems and Marlboro, NJ Real Estate Prices

The ranking of a school system is a consideration not only for families with kids but also for any home buyers thinking about resale value. A high quality school district has a positive influence on real estate values, as well as property growth in value. Be sure to check out local schools in the process of your home search. Websites like also GreatSchools.org offer general information on different school systems.

Marlboro, NJ Amenities

The convenience of recreational facilities, shopping, and other services are important considerations and may impact your quality of life. Websites such as Yelp.com display a map of entertainment venues, grocery stores, doctors offices, restaurants, and financial institutions in relation to a specific address. Be sure to develop a list of the most desired amenities and provide that information to your Realtor if it is an essential factor in your home selection.

Crime Statistics in Marlboro, NJ

Crime levels in a neighborhood can help or hinder home values, as well as the general the quality of the community. Inquire at the local police department for details or check crime websites like CrimeReports.com. Some smart phones also have apps for checking crime rates.

Marlboro, NJ Real Estate Taxes

Property tax rates may vary greatly among communities and have a big impact on monthly housing cost. Property tax records are public information and are usually listed online, at municipal offices, or through a local real estate professional or Mortgage Professional. When researching affordability of a region, be sure to get estimates for both mortgage payments and real estate taxes.

Commuting Time to Work

The distance to major highways can affect both home prices and commute time. A home close to highways has its advantages and disadvantages but may increase value to properties in certain cases or may lower it in others. Consult with a local real estate broker regarding this. You may be forced to find middle ground between commuting distance and property prices.

Marlboro, NJ Home Buyer Relocation Information

Real estate brokers are a helpful resource when it comes to Marlboro, NJ home buyer relocation information. They know the intricacies of an neighborhood, understand the local real estate markets, and can help make searching for and buying a home much less stressful. Let me put my knowledge to work for you. Reach me, Sujatha Bhaskara at Keller Williams Realty, by calling 732-536-9010 or emailing sbhaskara@optonline.net. Much of the above information can be found right on the Marlboro Market Insider page of my website. Please take a moment to check it out!