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How to reduce your monthly heating bill

After that mild December we were treated to, Mother Nature is definitely not shying away from cold temperatures. The bone-chilling weather we’ve had of late has made us crank up our heat, as well as our heating bills. New Jersey Natural Gas and the Department of Energy have a few tips to help us all save money as winter rolls along.

Energy score

The DOE can come to your home and grade it based on its energy efficiency. A simple 1-10 scale is used, with an easy to understand breakdown of the assessment of your home. The great thing about getting your home’s energy report card is that it can have positive effects on its resale value. When buying a home, these scores can help a Buyer anticipate energy bill and improvement costs. Who wouldn’t want that?

Cool down

Simple changes to your thermostat can help to reduce those high energy bills. There’s no point in heating an empty space! Make sure you invest in an electronic thermostat where you can program the settings to go 10 degrees lower when no one is home. Bundle up under those covers at night so that you can turn the temperature down 10 degrees once again. Doing this can save you up to 20% on those monthly bills.

Ease into it

We don’t want to shock our bodies into these cold temperatures. Our homes should be comfortable living spaces. Try easing into the process. Simply turning the heat down by one degree for 24 hours straight will reduce your bill by 3%. Once your bodies become more used to the colder temperatures, you will be wondering why you had it so hot in the first place!

What are some of the things that you do to cut down on energy costs?

For more information on New Jersey Natural Gas, visit their website. Be sure to check out the Department of Energy website and their SAVEGREEN project.

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