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Top 5 reasons to live in New Jersey

The Garden State is most certainly the butt of many jokes across the nation. Although it may be “the armpit of the country” and focal point of numerous questionable television series, don’t rule this little underdog out! There are plenty of reasons why New Jersey is a great place to call home. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should live in New Jersey:

The best of both all worlds

Are you a beach bum? Or a snow bunny? Do you prefer the countryside or the big city? Whatever it may be, New Jersey has it all. The mountains, the shore, Atlantic City, beautiful parks, historical sites, close proximity to New York City and Philadelphia, pretty much anything you could think of, New Jersey has got it. Living in NJ, you can spare yourself from the monotony of a dull life.

Break out the books

When it comes to education, New Jersey is top notch. It consistently scores at the top when it comes to graduation rates and test scores. There are tons of schools with high quality educators. There are also well over two dozen highly accredited colleges and universities, including the prestigious Princeton University and Rutgers University.

Satisfy your appetite

Diners galore, New Jersey is a foodie’s dream. It is home to the famous pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich on some of the best bagels you’ll ever eat. The pizza is divine and the produce is even better. The tomatoes, corn, cranberries and other produce options are the reason why we are called the Garden State, and rightfully so.

Get out and do something

New Jersey will never let you get bored, with tons of activities and attractions to keep yourself busy. Amusement parks and water parks are a great way to spend those summer days. Winter time calls for some skiing at the local mountains. There are tons of entertainment venues offering concerts and shows year-round. Sports fans will also be pleased to see New Jersey’s own NHL team, the Devils. Even the New York Jets and New York Giants call the Garden State home.


There’s nothing like being one of the most unpopular states to really bring people together. The bond that has been forged amongst the diverse New Jersey population is unlike any other, and this is something that I personally wouldn’t trade for the world.

What’s your favorite thing about life in New Jersey?

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Armed guards in Marlboro schools

Going to school in Marlboro is going to be quite different for the next three months. Due to the tragic events at the Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School, school officials nationwide have taken a second look at their safety measures. Here’s a breakdown of the outcome of recent Marlboro Board of Education discussions and the conclusion which they have reached.

  • Effective January 2, 2013, armed police officers are stationed at the front doors of all eight schools in the district.
  • There will be a ninety day trial, after which an assessment will be made so as to determine steps for the future of maintaining safety in the schools.
  • This experiment will cost $100,000 and be taken out of the district’s general fund.
  • The district is looking to improve upon the currently established security measures of its Visitor Management System where visitor drivers’ licenses are scanned and checked in a database.

What are your thoughts on measures that can be taken to protect student and teacher security?

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Important information for Sandy victims

Homes were destroyed and families ripped apart when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and New York areas on October 29th, 2012. Relief efforts have been an ongoing process, bringing the NJ community together. Property tax reassesment may provide some relief to affected home owners.

What Sandy victims need to know now

There are two days left for Sandy victims to make the most of a New Jersey statute to their benefit. Homeowners who have had their properties affected by the storm may opt for a reassessment prior to their upcoming tax bill.

What does this mean?

Those who have had damage inflicted upon their homes due to the storm and opt for the reassessment will most likely have lower property taxes. The details of how this will be implemented are not clear yet. The stipulations for qualification are any home which was negatively affected due to disaster or fire between October 1 and January 1.

How to do it

Contact your local municipal tax assessor by writing a letter of interest in this reassessment. Letters are due by January 10, 2013, just two days. You will then have a visit from an inspector who can give an official assessment of your property, which should be available next month. Appeals are accepted until April 1.

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Tips for selling your own home

When it comes to selling a home, homeowners sometimes contemplate selling on their own. Just like home repairs, taxes, and other tasks, it may be possible to do it yourself but often the time, money, and result may not be of the that a professional can achieve. Technique, know-how, experience and expertise are important, especially with selling such a big investment. The following are for sale by owner dangers that sellers in Marlboro and other areas of New Jersey must consider when thinking of selling their home or any other real estate.

Proper Pricing

Determining the right price will mean the difference between your listing selling within a reasonable time or not selling at all. Many homeowners make the mistake of referring to past appraisals, the value of a nearby property, or incorrectly priced listings currently on the market to determine their price. Incorrect pricing may lead to wasted time and a lower selling price if  the home actually does sell later. Seller agents watch the real estate market and understand the complexities of setting prices. This comes into play not only when your property is first put on the market but also as time goes by and the seasons fluctuate.

Reaching the Most Buyers  – Real estate agents

Real estate agents can extend the reach and exposure of your property to a larger pool of home buyers. Most home buyers, especially first time buyers, use real estate agents to guide them through the buying steps. For-sale-by-owner marketing avenues may not include the network of real estate agents. The selling price is based on supply, demand, and right timing. By wasting time and limiting exposure (the demand), the end result can be a much lower selling price.

Buyer Qualification Methods

Not all prospects are qualified. There are different elements to an offer and pre-approval that must be evaluated, and it includes more than just price. Taking your home off the market for an unqualified offer can cause you to lose valuable time, miss out on other buyers, or leave your property unfairly stigmatized. Real estate professionals will ensure you thoroughly assess offers and reduce your risk.

Creative Strategies

In addition to major issues dealing with appraisal and inspection contingencies, contracts often fall apart over very minor items. There may be methods of keeping them intact that sellers may not think of simply due to inexperience. Real Estate agents gain extensive knowledge over time and often find alternate terms to facilitate agreement or to address problems.

Buffering Emotions

Emotions are high in almost all real estate deals. It is expected given the enormity of the investment and the attachment that many homeowners have to their home. Real estate professionals function as a cushion between parties to keep matters civil and communication productive. This is actually pivotal in most property transfers. Your listing agent can keep a clear head and guide you on matters while promoting your best interests.

For Sale By Owner  In Marlboro New Jersey

Listing agents help you price your home correctly based on the current market, reach the most potential buyers, qualify offers, bring deals together through creative terms, keep deals together, help you with inspection and appraisal issues, and facilitate successful closings. Homeowners who take the for-sale-by-owner route to save money can find themselves faced with lengthy market times, be stressed over issues in the transaction, lose qualified buyers because of inexperience, and eventually end up selling their home for less money than they hoped to.

The reasons listed above are only some of the many things that could happen while selling a home. Getting a qualified agent with experience can help you navigate the uncertainties in the current  market efficiently, help you negotiate with buyers,  and actually net you more money for your home.

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Listing contract details

There are several steps to selling a home. After you have found a listing agent for your home, you will be provided with a listing contract. Prior to signing this document, it is helpful to understand the conditions normally included. The Marlboro NJ listing contract details in this blog will make you an educated seller.

Professional Fees

Commission is typically itemized as a percentage of the selling price. It is against the law for brokers to imply that a rate is fixed in the market. Every brokerage sets its own rates and, similar to everything else in real estate, it can be changed. It is important to understand the experience and value provided by individual brokers and companies when comparing their fees. Finding one with the lowest fee may not be the best choice and may actually end up hurting you, so make sure you understand what services they offer for the fee.

Listing agents typically share a certain portion of the fee with buyer agents. The amount is shown in the MLS system. Higher rates may encourage buyer agents to promote your home and, likewise, low percentages can discourage them. This is particularly true when competition is high. If the percentage is not specified, you can ask about it.

The contract also indicates when the compensation is technically earned. It is important to read and understand the terms of the contract.

Marketing Services

You must enable your agent to handle specific tasks. The most obvious one is to enter the details of your property into the local MLS (multiple listing service). This service shares the information with all real estate professionals and could also send your listing  to a list of authorized websites. By expanding the pool of home buyers that see the information, you will increase the likelihood of selling and for a higher price. Adding signs, attaching a lock box, and performing open houses are other services that you may be asked to sign off on in the listing contract.

Legal Obligations

Real estate brokers are not solely salespeople. They are actually agents in the legal definition and have special obligations under real estate law. These are referred to as fiduciary duties and include care, obedience, accounting, confidentiality, diligence, disclosure, and loyalty. Basically, your broker must work for you and look out for your interests. There can be situations where a listing agent also represents a buyer attempting to purchase your home. This is called a dual agency. The paperwork will provide information on how this shall be addressed, such as mandated disclosures, and what services will be provided to each party. Make sure that you fully understand the potential scenarios and agree with the terms.

Marlboro NJ Listing Contract Details

The Marlboro NJ listing contract details in this article include some of the most common components of listing contracts but may not address everything in your specific contract. As with any kind of contract, read through the complete document carefully, ask questions about anything that is confusing, and seek additional assistance if you desire legal advice.

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