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How to compare offers

Considering multiple offers can be a confusing process for sellers. The inclination is to focus strictly on price, but that may not be in the best interest of a seller. There are many different facets to an offer that sellers must consider in order to determine the best offer. This blog contains an overview of comparing multiple offers on Marlboro NJ homes for sale.

An Overview Of Comparing Multiple Offers On Marlboro NJ Homes For Sale


It is common for contingencies such as an inspection and mortgage approval to appear in an offer. Sometimes special terms are added by buyers. More contingencies can translate into a higher risk of the transaction falling through. Furthermore, some conditions are more dangerous than others and may depend on the status of the real estate market.

Buyer Financing

There is a big difference between a pre-qualification and a pre-approval, especially when comparing multiple offers. A pre-approval is typically granted after a mortgage company verifies the credit for a buyer. A pre-qualification includes no such verification. Pre-approved buyers are, as a result, more likely to get approved for a loan. A buyer who cannot get financing will back out, causing the seller to have to start the process all over again. The type of mortgage should also be analyzed since some loans have strict requirements on the buyer and property, or tend to take more time to process.


Deposits express the good faith of a buyer. It also protects a seller from a buyer backing out from a purchase for an unauthorized reason. Lastly, the dollar value of deposits could reflect financial position. The amount of deposits should be closely evaluated in comapring multiple offers for these reasons.

It Is Not Just Price

Sellers should not always make price the primary factor in comparing multiple offers, especially if closing promptly is a goal. Delays can be expensive and therefore affect the net earnings from the sale of a property. Furthermore, a home that reactivates after an offer terminates will likely sell for less due to loss of momentum. An experienced real estate agent can help you closely evaluate all the terms of contracts and properly weigh them. This blog with an overview of comparing multiple offers on Marlboro NJ homes for sale was prepared by Sujatha Bhaskara at Keller Williams Realty.

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Marlboro NJ Colonial Style Homes

Colonial is a popular style for residential properties, especially here in Marlboro, NJ. This design originated in the 1800s and is therefore often found in older properties. Colonials have specific characteristics that distinguish it from other home designs. Below are details of Marlboro NJ colonial style homes.

Marlboro NJ Colonial Style Homes

Colonial style homes are most often free-standing structures with at least two complete floors and a square footprint. Both floors typically  have an identical or near-identical footprint. The layout is commonly symmetrical with the main entrance in the center and windows on both sides of the front door, although modern variations of the Colonial home design will sometimes have the entrance off to one side. The top floor of a Colonial home contains the bedrooms and the bottom level houses the living room, dining room, kitchen, and perhaps a family room. The front door opens to a foyer with stairs to the second floor. A garage or exterior deck are also popular features of Colonial houses. Roof design vary but will ordinarily allow for some attic space. Additions offer unique twists to the typical shape of traditional Colonial style homes.

Marlboro NJ Colonial Style Properties For Sale

If you are a big fan of this home style and are looking in the Marlboro, NJ area, please take an opportunity to Search Marlboro NJ Colonial Style Homes on my website.

Popularity of Colonial Style

Colonial homes are desirable for several reasons. Many consider it ideal to have the bedrooms on a higher floor from common living areas. There are also a variety of exterior designs and variations of Colonial style houses that are visually appealing. Farmers porches, columns, elaborate front doors, and grand foyers are just a few enhancements. You will find many Colonial properties on the market in Marlboro, NJ, specifically for modern houses. This completes our overview of details of Marlboro NJ colonial style homes.

For additional information on Marlboro NJ Colonial Style Homes, please contact Sujatha Bhaskara of Keller Williams Realty by calling 732-319-1340 or by emailing sbhaskara@optonline.net. For more information on what’s happening in the Marlboro, NJ real estate market, sign up to become a Marlboro Market Insider today!

FHA Home Loan Program Overview for Marlboro, NJ Buyers

FHA Home Loan Program Overview for Marlboro, NJ Buyers

FHA Home Loan Program Overview for Marlboro, NJ Buyers…  FHA is a home loan program where private mortgage insurance is provided by the Federal government. Most major mortgage companies offer it. Although the program is often used by first time home buyers, it is not restricted to them. This blog provides FHA Home Loan Program Overview for Marlboro, NJ Buyers and pre-approval guidance to help you decide whether it is a home loan program that you should consider.

Benefits Of FHA Loans

There are a few important benefits of FHA loans. The lowest down payment for FHA mortgages is 3%, which satisfies home buyers who do not have a 20% down payment. They also allow home buyers to receive funds for down payment and closing costs as a gift from a family member. Another benefit is the streamlined refinancing option. It allows a refinance to a lower rate without needing a new appraisal, which is useful if mortgage rates and home values both drop. The mortgages are also assumable, meaning that a buyer may take over the loan at the existing interest rate. This can help when interest rates rise. Lastly, FHA does not penalize buyers for credit rankings. Although buyers must still maintain satisfactory credit, below average scores will not lead to higher interest rates.

Downsides Of FHA Financing

There are downsides of FHA financing to keep in mind. The mortgage insurance (MI) is typically more than a conventional loan. There is an up-front large fee and a recurring fee due with each payment until the balance is paid down below 80% of the purchase price (or updated appraised value). For condominium units, the condo complex must meet certain requirements such as minimum reserves and minimum owner occupancy rates. Converted multi-family buildings and duplexes are therefore difficult to get approved. Single family homes must also meet certain criteria geared towards safety concerns.

FHA Pre-approval Guidance

Prior to applying for a pre-approval, pull your credit report and address any mistakes. Also obtain important financial paperwork such as bank statements, tax returns from past years, recent pay stubs, and investment account statements. Underwriters will typically ask for these items. Ask a loan officer to obtain potential monthly payments (based on a particular home price and your financial qualifications) and closing costs before getting too far in the process.

FHA Home Loan Program Overview for Marlboro, NJ Buyers

FHA makes purchasing a home easier for some home buyers who may otherwise not be able to get a loan. It may also make refinancing or selling a property easier in the future. However, it does have higher fees and property-specific requirements, so not everyone is able to or may want to use an FHA home loan program. Speak with an FHA loan professional to better evaluate this option. Contact me at  732-319-1340 or by email at sbhaskara@optonline.net if you would like more information. I would be happy to help! To begin your home search in Marlboro, NJ, please visit Best in NJ Real Estate – Marlboro, NJ Homes for Sale.

Marlboro, NJ First Time Buyer Advice

Marlboro, NJ First Time Buyer Advice

Marlboro, NJ First Time Buyer Advice

The home buying process can be a bit intimidating for first time buyers. The Marlboro, NJ first time buyer advice below can help. Real estate is a big investment and buyers should become educated on the process.

Before Beginning a Home Search

Select a Local Lender & Request a Pre-approval

Speak with a local mortgage provider and request a pre-approval. The programs and offers may vary from one company to another. Review the options and closing costs to decide the best option. This will help you understand the estimated up-front and monthly costs of home ownership. This will offer a good estimation of what you can afford.

Find a Real Estate Expert

Find a real estate expert to guide you through the home buying process. Evaluate several agents and pick one that best fits your needs. Experienced brokers can help you identify appropriate properties, prepare offers, and ensure a smooth transaction. This guidance can be essential first time buyers.

Buying Process Information

Viewing Homes

Only visit listings within your budget. This avoids the disappointment of wanting a home that you cannot afford. Visiting properties can take extensive time and energy, so sticking to your price will also save valuable time.


Real estate brokers can offer advice on contracts and negotiating them, but they may not practice law. Look into using a local real estate attorney to navigate legal jargon and add any necessary language. Make sure that you sufficiently understand the terms and obligations of contracts before signing them.


Inspections are not intended for price re-negotiations. Such strategies are not typically successful and lead you to lose the money spent on the inspection. Sellers have the option to make repairs, give monetary concessions, or be unwilling to do anything. Maintaining a good relationship with the seller will make negotiations easier.

Walk-Thru Prior to Closing

Before the closing, you will have an opportunity to view the home. Try and schedule this for after the seller has removed their belongings. If any issues are found at the walk-thru, you should resolve them before signing closing paperwork as there is little you can do afterwards.

The Closing

Be sure to bring legal identification to the closing. Closing costs and down payment funds must be certified. Also bring your checkbook for any last minute changes. Once the settlement paperwork is filed, the property is yours!

Additional Marlboro, NJ First Time Buyer Advice

The home purchase process will be much less stressful with some advanced preparation and knowledge. For details beyond what is provided in this Marlboro, NJ first time buyer advice, contact Sujatha Bhaskara at Keller Williams Realty by calling 732-536-9010 or by emailing sbhaskara@optonline.net. I invite you to begin your Marlboro, NJ home search at www.bestinnjrealestate.com, a great buyer resource where you can save properties, set up custom listing alerts for homes that meet your needs, get local Marlboro, NJ school and community information, and more!

Easter Egg Hunts in NJ

Easter Egg Hunts in NJ

Looking for some fun, family friendly Easter Egg Hunts in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties, NJ? There is nothing quite like watching the excitement in our kids as they hunt for Easter Eggs and meet the Easter Bunny, sometimes for the first time! I’ve compiled a list of some Easter Egg Hunts right here in NJ, in both Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. I truly hope you and your families have a great Easter and have some time to enjoy these fun events!


  • 2 – 12 YEARS OF AGE ON



  • Sunday, April 01, 2012
  • Our NJ indoor amusement park invites you to join us on April 1st and have Breakfast with the Bunny!
  • The event starts at 9:00am and will have an incredible omelet station, fresh fruit, assorted muffins and more! Family fun in New Jersey for Easter just got easier at iPlay America. Call today (732) 577-8200 for more information, or click below to purchase your tickets!



  • The annual Easter Egg Hunt for children up through fifth grade will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 31, at the Bert Willis Fields on Old Corlies Avenue.
  • The rain date is April 7. Children are to bring their own baskets or bags. The event is sponsored by the Neptune Township Recreation Department. For postponement information, call 732-869-1202.
  • Nancy Shields: 732-643-4229; nshields@njpressmedia.com



  • Event Date: 3/24/2012 to 3/31/2012
  • Cha! Cha!’s Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Saturday, March 24 and Saturday, March 31 from 8:00am-10:00am. Featuring Breakfast Buffet, Coloring Sheet Raffle, Easter Egg Hunt, Free Goodie Bags for the Kids, Free Easter Basket Raffle and, of course, The Easter Bunny and Cha! Cha! Children 3 years & under are FREE! Children ages 4-10 $9.99; Children 11 & up/Adults $12.99 Make you reservation today! (732) 542-0011 or www.rainforestcafe.com


  • Saturday, March 31st at 3PM
  • Mountain View Park
  • Rain date: Sunday, April 1st at 3PM
  • Age groups are 1-3, 4-6, 7-9.


  • Saturday, March 31, 2012
  • 3PM SHARP!
  • MountainView Park
  • Ages 1-3, 4-6, 7-9
  • No baskets or bags allowed into the Easter Egg and candy circle. It’s what the child can carry. The hunt continues until all the eggs and candy are gone.
  • BRING YOUR CAMERA! The Easter Bunny will be available for photos with all children and families. The rain date is Sunday, April 1st at 3:00pm. If you have any questions, please email the Recreation department at recreation@middlesexboro-nj.gov.



  • Sponsered by: Monroe Township Recreation Department
  • Where: NEW LOCATION!!!
  • Daniel Ryan Football Field
  • 41 North State Home Road
  • When: Saturday, MARCH 31, 2012
  • Time: 12 noon—don’t be late!!!
  • Who: Monroe Twp. Residents Only
  • ** In the event of rain, this event will be held in the hockey rink at the Monroe Community Center at 12:30 pm



  • Bring the whole family and enjoy a Pancake Breakfast with the Easter Bunny sponsored by the North Brunswick Heritage Day Committee and DPRCS.
  • There is Limited Space so please register early
  • Sat. 3/31
  • Begins at 9 am.
  • Linwood $7 – adults / $5 – kids under 11



  • Saturday, March 31, 2012, 10:00 am
  • 88 Cr-537, Colts Neck, NJ
  • FREE
  • Hop over to our Annual Children’s Easter Egg Hunt to be held on Saturday, March 31 at Colts Neck Fire House # 1 on Route 537.
  • Parents and grandparents, don’t miss this exciting event! The fun begins at 10 a.m. with egg seeking pre-schoolers, followed by separate hunts for grades K-1, 2 – 3 and then 4 thru 6.
  • Plenty of plastic eggs, filled with a prize or candy, will be hidden for each age group. Grand prizes will be awarded in each hunt to children finding the “special eggs” among 1000 egg selection.
  • Rain Date: April 7
  • A brunch with the Easter Bunny will also be held.
  • The a la carte menu includes cereal, bagels, juice, milk, coffee and tea. Games and activities are planned. Pictures with the Easter Bunny will be available for a nominal fee.



  • Sat. March 31st 12 p.m. sharp at Sanford Park Rain date – Sat. April 7th



  • Saturday, March 31st – 2pm SHARP!!! (Raindate: Sunday, April 1st)
  • Kids, ages toddler through 12 years old, can come search for Easter Eggs in the orchard. This Annual event includes over 3000 stuffed eggs hidden in a designated field of the orchard.
  • Registration is required the day of the hunt 11:00am to 1:30pm at our Country Store.
  • The orchard opens at 12:30pm for parking.
  • The Egg Hunt starts promptly at 2pm. Don’t be late!
  • Door prizes in the orchard following the hunt and refreshments will be available at the Country Store, after the door prizes.
  • It’s always a fun and exciting event!
  • Admission: Non-Perishable item(s) to donate to local food bank or a donation to go to a charity.
  • Easter Coloring Contest for ages toddler through 10 years old. Call the Country Store for details! (732) 462-0756.



  • Check-In and Onsite Registration is from 10am – 10:30am.
  • When you enter, we’ve got music, games, prizes, cotton candy, tattoos, crafts, jelly bean guess, petting zoo, and THE EASTER BUNNY! Bring your camera!
  • For you parents – we’ve got free coffee and hot chocolate!
  • Every registrant will receive ONE raffle ticket for awesome giveaways, and ONE entry ticket to their Egg Search (according to grade – see schedule below).
  • During the Egg Searches, we have mixed in lots of “PRIZE EGGS” with numbers #1, #2, and #3 which you can redeem for prizes at the PRIZE TENT!
  • Date: Saturday, March 31 (Rain Date – Sat, Apr 7)
  • Location: The fields at Seashore School (404 Broadway, Long Branch) Corner of Broadway and Morris Ave – Long Branch (enter at the Morris Ave entrance)
  • Time: 10 am – 12 pm
  • Schedule:
    • 10 am Event Begins
    • 10:30 am Birth – Preschool
    • 10:50 am Kindergarten – 1st Grade
    • 11:10 am 2nd Grade – 3rd Grade
    • 11:30 am Giveaways
    • 11:40 am 4th Grade – 5th Grade
    • 12 pm Event Ends
  • *Each participant must be registered – either Egg-spress Register Online or Register in person when you arrive.