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Annual Home Checkup And Maintenance Checklist

Fall's cooler weather offer an appropriate environment to start your annual home checkup and maintenance checklist. The change of climate is a good reminder to take care of any home clean-up projects that you may have been procrastinating on. Below are 7 tasks to add to your list.

Annual Home Checkup And Maintenance Checklist

Gutter Maintenance

Ice dams are most likely to occur in clogged gutters. The more frequently you clean your gutters, the simpler it will be to keep clean. Additionally, it will be easiest to call a professional to perform this on your behalf.

Pressure Wash Everything

Summer heat and humidity may make your siding, driveway, deck appear dirty. The quickest way to clean this is with a pressure washer. Before getting started, ensure that you use the proper power setting for the siding material being cleaned. Attach the pressure washer to your hose and begin spraying. Everything will be fresh and clean in no time.

Prune Shrubbery

Examine the trees around your home for any dead branches that may cause property damage when there is heavy snow or wind. Trim down bushes and shrubs and keep them a distance away from the home. Wait until the end of fall to prune spring-flowering shrubs so you don't remove flower buds for the spring.

Getting an Early Start on the Lawn

Repairing your lawn is an easy way to retain your home's value. Autumn is a great time to feed and reseed the grass for the next spring. Before you begin, give your grass one final trimming to clean it up.

Check HVAC Systems

Have your furnace serviced annually. This simple task may boost your furnace's performance and save you money. It may also extend the life of the furnace.

Minimize Drafts

Getting your furnace cleaned can save money, but this benefit is reduced if if your warm air is leaking outdoors! Check for drafts near doorways and windows. Re-caulk as needed to keep heat from getting out. For old windows that are impossible to caulk, look into buying plastic window coverings available at local retailers.

Prevent Chimney Fires

You don't need to call the fire department when you first use your chimney during the winter. Schedule a visit from a chimney sweep on an annual basis to clean off creosote accumulation. This is also a great opportunity to uncover other issues with the chimney and give you a chance to address them so they don't become a major expense.

The Importance of Annual Tasks

Your annual home checkup and maintenance checklist should not be delayed. They do not strictly improve your property, but they also reduce future issues and ultimately save you money. For other home maintenance ideas, subscribe to this blog.