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Renovation costs vs. value

Marlboro NJ homeowners should consider the potential change in the value of their real estate versus the cost of particular changes before performing any work. Some upgrades are more effective than others in raising the value of a property. Below is guidance on Marlboro NJ home renovation costs versus value.

Marlboro NJ Home Renovation Costs Versus Value

Home owners often aim to redeem the full amount of money spent on work when they go to sell their property. This is a expected tendency, but unfortunately, it is not supported by what is seen in the marketplace. Different property changes add different value to a home, and that change in value can vary in different regions. To give you a general idea on home renovation costs versus value, below are some national averages.

2011-2012 Averages

The figures below are from the Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report.

Improvement Amount Spent Increased Home Value Percentage of Cost Achieved
Roof Replacement 21,204 12,257 57.8 percent
Garage Addition 57,824 33,089 57.2 percent
Bathroom Remodel 16,552 10,293 62.2 percent
Family Room Addition 83,118 50,004 60.2 percent
Entry Door Replacement 3,536 1,990 56.3 percent

Analyzing Home Renovation Costs Versus Value

Another factor influencing the value of renovations is whether it is a mid-range or up-scale project. Kitchen updates, for example, can be performed on the low end or the high end and each will achieve a different figure. So, not only should you consider the type of repair but also the brands and quality of materials. For a broad list of home upgrades, a comparison of mid-range versus high-end projects, and detailed current Marlboro NJ home renovation costs versus value, visit http://www.costvsvalue.com.

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How to reduce home energy costs

An energy audit can easily identify replacements that improve the energy usage of your  home. If your home was built prior to 2006, you should consider an energy audit. Below is basic information on reducing energy costs for your home.

Energy Audit Guidance

An Energy Audit evaluates different aspects of your home. The cost of a professional audit can range based on the size of your home and the scope of the audit. They sometimes cost a few hundred dollars, although rebates are usually offered by utility companies or local communities. Professional auditors use a wide range of equipment to measure energy efficiency. Equipment such as infrared detectors can reveal hidden areas of air infiltration and missing insulation.

Energy audits narrow in on causes of heat loss such as drafty windows and doors. It can also include a review of appliances, the brand of light bulbs that you use, the productivity of your heating system, the type of thermostat that controls the heating system, insulation in exterior spaces, and water usage practices. Although some repairs can be costly, they often lead to matching savings in a short period of time. The repairs can also elevate the value of your property and make it more comfortable. Guidance on selecting an auditor can be found at the US Department of Energy website.

Homeowners can perform a introductory do-it-yourself home energy audit by tracking down air gaps in easy to find locations such as windows and doors. Outlets and pipes are other common sources of air leaks. Caulking gaps can be inexpensive yet lead to tremendous savings. Typical best practices include purchasing EnergyStar rated appliances and high efficiency heating and cooling units. For additional do-it-yourself assessments, visit www.energysavers.gov.

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