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2014 home remodeling trends

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry data of current and future remodeling business conditions continues to show growth. Quarter-over-quarter increases are evident in nearly all sub-components measuring remodeling activity. This rating has steadily increased in the six quarters NARI has been tracking. For more details, please visit: http://www.nari.org/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=1686#sthash.5eznhtkn.dpuf

Why is this happening?

While many homeowners are remodeling due to necessity, there are other factors which have contributed to the rising remodeling rates. With the economy on the up and up, homeowners are feeling confident in their job security and overall financial well-being.

Growth indicators in the third quarter of 2013  were on an incline for:
•    Current business conditions
•    Number of inquiries
•    Conversion of bids to jobs
•    Value of jobs sold

Requests for bids remained the same as last quarter.

Home remodeling significantly increases the overall value of your home. If you are remodeling your home so you can sell it for more money, please consult with a professional before undertaking any major renovations.  Some improvements bring you a better rate of return on your money than others.

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5 instant tips to boost curb appeal

We all know the power of first impressions. That old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a lot easier said than done. The same goes for selling a home. Buyers’ first impressions are one the largest factors in their purchase decision. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t feel so inclined to buy a home with broken fences and a terrible paint job no matter how nice the inside may be. Here are some great (and quick!) tips to boost your home’s curb appeal, attract more buyers and sell your home quickly.

Time for a scrubbing

One of the most obvious ways to instantly spruce up any home is by giving it a good old power washing treatment. It’s amazing what a dramatic change this simple step can create to the overall look of the home. This will give the impression to potential buyers that the house has been well-kept and make them feel more inclined to signing those papers!

Put your green thumb to work

Flowers instantly add a warm and inviting look no matter where they are. Make sure that your landscaping in the front yard is clean and fresh, add mulch, and trim trees and bushes. Adding a few potted plants or even getting dirty and planting them in the garden will create a more colorful look to your home, making it instantly attractive to viewers.

You’ve got mail

Mailboxes are literally one of the first representations of a home. Their curbside location means that they really are the first impression. If your mailbox is old and rusting, with the flag hanging by a thread, what sort of impression will be get about the overall upkeep of your home? It is an inexpensive and simple task with immediate results.

Gutters not garbage cans

Gutters are meant to collect water and drain it away from the house so that water damage is minimal. However, gutters often have a double purpose and catch falling debris. Leaves and twigs tend to get stuck and stick out in every which way. Grab a ladder and some work gloves and clean out all that messy stuff. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

Replace that old hardware

It’s time to ditch that old door knocker and the ancient house number which seem to have permanently claimed their place in your front entry way. Upgrading to a new and simple look is easy with a quick trip to your local home improvement store. Buyers will be impressed with the attention to detail and immediately have a good feeling about your home.

Take the stress out of selling your home and increase your chances by taking these tips to heart. They all can be done within the span of one day, but the impact lasts a lifetime! What are some other quick tips that you use to boost curb appeal?


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How to finish your basement

Finishing a basement is a great means to create additional living area and increase the value of a home. It is often simpler than an addition. The following article offers Marlboro, NJ basement finishing tips.

Marlboro, NJ Basement Refinishing Tips

Outline a Plan

First, decide on the intended use of the space such as a home office, workout room, game room, guest room or additional storage. Consider the configuration based on that use and include sufficient room for furnishings, equipment, and other items. Before using a local contractor, talk about your intentions and ask for input from them on floor plan, materials, and other considerations. Pre-planning and having discussions will help you make better decisions and will also make it less costly.

Inspect the Space for Issues Before Beginning the Basement Finishing Project

Finishing a basement requires more than putting up drywall. Basements can house utility systems for your property and offer distinct difficulties. Have your basement checked for potentially dangerous conditions such as mold, mildew, dampness, and pests. Also inspect utility and other systems that may impact the space. Understanding all of the systems and its affect on the renovation will help you better plan for the project.

Choose the Right Building Materials for the Conditions

Basements are unique when compared to other levels of a home because they are underground. Moisture and other factors should be considered when selecting materials such as walls and flooring. It would be best to use materials that will resist the conditions or offer protection. Additional equipment such as a dehumidifier may also be a good idea.

Marlboro, NJ Basement Finishing Tips

The above Marlboro, NJ basement finishing tips are just a few things to consider when preparing for a renovation project. Carefully considering the space and materials will help curtail future issues and promote solid construction of a useful space to enjoy for many years. Ask your local Real Estate professional for information on whether a finished basement will increase the value to your residence and keep those figures in mind as you budget for the work.

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How to renovate your kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most critical features of a property and traditionally contribute the most value. It is not critical to perform extensive improvements to add to the price of a home. There are repairs that freshen up your kitchen without costing a lot of work. Below you will find Marlboro, NJ kitchen renovation advice.

Effective Renovation Ideas

Improving How Your Space Feels

A new coat of paint on walls and trim can make a huge impact on kitchens. Think about lighter hues and consider using semi-gloss paint to reflect light through windows and make cleaning easier. Also monitor interior lighting. A gloomy space feels crowded. Add sufficient lighting that illuminates the best elements of your kitchen.

Change Appliances

Appliances are always noticed in a kitchen. Evaluate upgrading and select matching colors. You do not need to go brand new. Look for prices on used appliances, floor samples, or scratch and dent units (as the damage may be in a spot that will be hidden after the unit is put in place).

Organize the Kitchen

Buyers tend to peak inside closets and cabinets, so clean these spaces and make them presentable to buyers. This eliminates the distraction of your personal belongings and enables viewers to notice more of the actual kitchen. A messy kitchen is least desirable to any potential buyer.

Giving Cabinets a Fresh Makeover

Regardless of how clean a home is, dirt accumulates on cabinets. Wash cabinets, inside and out, to remove the build-up. For cabinets in rough shape, consider refinishing or repainting them. New knobs and hinges can also modernize kitchen cabinets.

Marlboro NJ Kitchen Renovation Advice

Devoting a little time and attention on your kitchen can lead to significant results. Although sellers rarely get back the full cost of any type of remodel, kitchens traditionally lead to better returns. Making minor kitchen changes can help homes sell sooner and for a higher amount. The Marlboro, NJ kitchen renovation advice provided in this article are a merely a few of the things that prepare a home for placement in the market.

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Six quick fixes for your home

Six Problems Your Home May Have That Can Instantly Turn Buyers Off (with Easy Fixes!)

Potential buyers are much more likely to return to a home that impresses them at first glance, while homes that appear disorderly or poorly maintained seldom sustain buyer interest.

Here are six problems that you may not know that you could fix rather quickly to making your home more sellable and it won’t break the bank or burn a whole in your pocketbook.

  • six problems your home may have and easy fixesProblem: Home Odors. Because homeowners become desensitized to the odors in their homes, they rarely realize how obvious odors can be to visitors. Easy Fix: It’s a good idea to walk through your home regularly to do a nose check — sniff in closets, your children’s rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen. Often times food can drop behind a piece of furniture and rot. Its a good idea to follow your nose. Usually a thorough cleaning and inspection of your home, followed by a carpet cleaning, will clear up home odor problems. Deodorizers and air fresheners will help you keep the home smelling clean. If you can’t locate the source, you may want to call a professional fumigator.
  • Problem: Carpet and Flooring. One of the most visible areas of your home is your flooring. There is nothing that turns a potential buyer off than a dirty carpet or vinyl flooring coming up. Easy Fix: For instance your carpet is worn or dirty, get it replaced or cleaned. If you have vinyl flooring with corners coming up, think about getting it glued down. Special note: If you have the extra money maybe you might want to invest in replacing flooring in smaller areas, such as kitchens, with high quality flooring. This can bring in premiums in price!
  • Problem: Paint and Walls. Drab color paint on your walls can look awfully dull especially if you don’t have pictures hanging our artwork on your walls. Easy Fix: Paint is one of the least expensive ways to “spruce-up” your home. Consider painting interior walls and doors.
  • Problem: Clutter. Excess clutter is a big buyer turn-off. Easy Fix: You have to move anyway, so you might as well pack away items that make your home feel good to you, but turn off buyers. This includes nick-knacks, pictures, wall hangings, plants, etc.
  • Problem: Signs of Pests. Do you  have any signs of mice, rats, roaches, spiders? Easy Fix: Go down to your local Home Depot or Lowes and purchase some bug spray or some humane mouse/rat traps to get rid of your infestation. Remove all spider webs with a broom. If you have bees, the best thing for you is to call an exterminator to have it properly removed and you not get stung!
  • Problem: Landscaping. If your landscaping is messy, overgrown, or looks cluttered in any way, you need to fix it. Easy Fix: Pull out weeds, mow the lawn, trim up your bushes or even purchase a few flowers and plant them.
six problems your home may have and easy fixesThere’s no doubt about it: first impressions count with buyers. Buyers make positive or negative conclusions about your home within the first five minutes. Use a trusted professional who understands the complexities and details of real estate transactions. This is not about buying a pair of shoes. This is a life changing investment for most buyers. The details can make the difference between a sale and a lack of interest, even with proper pricing. Six Problems Your Home May Have
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