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Marlboro NJ Colonial Style Homes

Colonial is a popular style for residential properties, especially here in Marlboro, NJ. This design originated in the 1800s and is therefore often found in older properties. Colonials have specific characteristics that distinguish it from other home designs. Below are details of Marlboro NJ colonial style homes.

Marlboro NJ Colonial Style Homes

Colonial style homes are most often free-standing structures with at least two complete floors and a square footprint. Both floors typically  have an identical or near-identical footprint. The layout is commonly symmetrical with the main entrance in the center and windows on both sides of the front door, although modern variations of the Colonial home design will sometimes have the entrance off to one side. The top floor of a Colonial home contains the bedrooms and the bottom level houses the living room, dining room, kitchen, and perhaps a family room. The front door opens to a foyer with stairs to the second floor. A garage or exterior deck are also popular features of Colonial houses. Roof design vary but will ordinarily allow for some attic space. Additions offer unique twists to the typical shape of traditional Colonial style homes.

Marlboro NJ Colonial Style Properties For Sale

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Popularity of Colonial Style

Colonial homes are desirable for several reasons. Many consider it ideal to have the bedrooms on a higher floor from common living areas. There are also a variety of exterior designs and variations of Colonial style houses that are visually appealing. Farmers porches, columns, elaborate front doors, and grand foyers are just a few enhancements. You will find many Colonial properties on the market in Marlboro, NJ, specifically for modern houses. This completes our overview of details of Marlboro NJ colonial style homes.

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Positioning Your Marlboro, NJ Property To Sell In The Current Market

Positioning Your Marlboro, NJ Property To Sell In The Current Market

Pricing directly impacts the amount of time it takes to sell a real estate listing and whether it will  sell at all. Pricing is particularly important in a buyers market. Hope you find the following information useful on positioning your Marlboro, NJ property to sell in the current market.

Consider the Real Estate Market

Each real estate market is different. When you hear information on the news, those often refer to national figures. Your specific town may be dramatically different. A local real estate professional can provide a comparative market analysis on your home. This analyzes recent sales of similar homes and renders an anticipated price range in which your home may sell. This value may be different based on the season and recent sales, so avoid referring to old information.

Be Realistic

When reading the market figures, keep in mind that it is a range. Where your home falls in that range depends on many factors and your desired timeline. As a home owner, it is normal to feel a sense of attachment to your property and to the repairs that you have put in. Unfortunately, not all buyers will assign the same value to different features and amenities. Anticipate that you may not get back the full amount spent on repairs. Additionally, home values may be impacted by foreclosures in the area, which are traditionally sold at dramatic discounts and are still considered comparable properties. Market value is defined as the price that a buyer is willing to pay for a house at a given time. It may not necessarily be close to your requirements or resemble the price at which you purchased the house.

Positioning Your Marlboro, NJ Property To Sell In The Current Market

Positioning a home above the reasonable range will result in valuable time being lost. If the market decreases further during that time, the property will ultimately be sold for even less than it would have if priced correctly to begin with. Additionally, buyers tend to have a negative perception of homes that have been on the market for a long time. This opinion is nearly impossible to overcome even if a home lowers in price later. Pricing too high does more damage than good.

Some Final Advice for Sellers

If the current market value of your home is dramatically different from your requirements, it may be better to monitor the market and wait for prices to improve rather than overpricing and having no success for a lengthy period of time. If you must sell and need to do so within an exact time frame, choosing a price appropriate for the market that is competitive with other Marlboro, NJ properties will be imperative to achieving your goal. Time is money and overpricing can be more costly than you realize.

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