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Selling in the winter

Yes! Most Sellers wait until Spring to list their home, because they think that it is hard to sell during the winter. I also hear them saying “there are not many buyers out there during winter”. This is true. However, Buyers may be few, but the Buyers that are out there during the winter months are serious. They are motivated. They are not seeing homes because they have nothing to do, or just to get decorating ideas. They are out there to find a home. They usually tend to be folks that are relocating, or sellers that just sold their home and need to buy a new home fairly quickly.

Sellers waiting till Spring also note – there will be other Sellers like you all waiting until Spring to list their house, which means, come spring , there will be a ton of homes coming on the market for sale all at the same time – which results in more competition for you! You will have to work much harder to make your home stand out from the rest and attract a Buyer to make an offer.

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Why you should sell during the holidays

The real estate economy not only differs from year to year, but also from season to season. There are a few misconceptions about selling a home during different times of year. The following is information on the advantages of selling properties in Marlboro, NJ or any other town during the holiday months.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Fewer homes are on the market during the the holiday months, so there is far less competition. Buyers still need to find a property and move during the first few months of the new year, so the winter months is when they must complete their property selection. Being one of the fewer homes  available gives you a higher chance of being selected. Furthermore, potential buyers have more time to visit listings during the holiday months. Relocation buyers also commonly use the time off to finalize a home search. It is therefore not uncommon to hear of homes  going into contract on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

The Advantages Of Selling Properties In During The Holiday Months

If you are unsure about selling your real estate during the holiday months, think about the opportunities you may be missing from buyers who absolutely need to find a property during this time and are out seeing properties on the market. Buyers coming out during the Holidays and the cold weather are motivated. They are out there because they need to buy a home. They know what they want, they are quick and they are looking to buy a home and not necessarily just looking for a great deal. They are usually starting at a new job or a new place of work and need to get their family settled so they can focus on their work.  A recent survey of real estate agents by Realtor.com found that 79% of buyers searching during the holiday months were more serious. As a Seller you also will have less competition as most Sellers are not ready to show their home during the Holidays. Not only that, most Sellers wanting to sell also wait until after the Holidays to list their home. Less homes means less competition and better sales price for your home. Holding off until after the new year may result in your property being lost among the large volume of new homes on the market. Law of supply and demand dictate the price of a property and when there is more supply and less demand, or the same demand, the price of your property will be lower due to the competition. Also, please bear in mind that we are still in a down market, the longer you wait the greater the chance that your property will be worth less.

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