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Spacious Old Bridge, NJ Home with Full Finished Basement close to GSP and Matawan Train Station

GREAT LOCATION! FANTASTIC VALUE!! Light and Bright, Spacious 4 bed Colonial with Full Finished Basement. Two Story Foyer. Upgraded kitchen w Granite Counters and Stainless Steel Appliances. Family Room with Granite Surround Gas Fireplace. Spacious Bedrooms. Central Vac. Nestled in a beautiful neighborhood, yet only minutes from Park & Ride, State Park, Train Station & Shopping. Home in GREAT condition. Freshly painted. Plush Carpets. Absolute Must See!

Presented By:

Sujatha Bhaskara

Realtor Associate
Keller Williams Realty West Monmouth
Licensed In: NJ
License #: 0563235

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1. Home prices rose for the 28th consecutive month in June of 2014. (source: National Association of Realtors)

2. The foreclosure rate slid to a seven-year low in April of 2014: Only 4.3 properties per every 10,000 homes. (source: Zillow)

3. More than 310,000 homes returned to positive equity during the first quarter of 2014. (source: CoreLogic)


Annual Home Checkup And Maintenance Checklist

Fall's cooler weather offer an appropriate environment to start your annual home checkup and maintenance checklist. The change of climate is a good reminder to take care of any home clean-up projects that you may have been procrastinating on. Below are 7 tasks to add to your list.

Annual Home Checkup And Maintenance Checklist

Gutter Maintenance

Ice dams are most likely to occur in clogged gutters. The more frequently you clean your gutters, the simpler it will be to keep clean. Additionally, it will be easiest to call a professional to perform this on your behalf.

Pressure Wash Everything

Summer heat and humidity may make your siding, driveway, deck appear dirty. The quickest way to clean this is with a pressure washer. Before getting started, ensure that you use the proper power setting for the siding material being cleaned. Attach the pressure washer to your hose and begin spraying. Everything will be fresh and clean in no time.

Prune Shrubbery

Examine the trees around your home for any dead branches that may cause property damage when there is heavy snow or wind. Trim down bushes and shrubs and keep them a distance away from the home. Wait until the end of fall to prune spring-flowering shrubs so you don't remove flower buds for the spring.

Getting an Early Start on the Lawn

Repairing your lawn is an easy way to retain your home's value. Autumn is a great time to feed and reseed the grass for the next spring. Before you begin, give your grass one final trimming to clean it up.

Check HVAC Systems

Have your furnace serviced annually. This simple task may boost your furnace's performance and save you money. It may also extend the life of the furnace.

Minimize Drafts

Getting your furnace cleaned can save money, but this benefit is reduced if if your warm air is leaking outdoors! Check for drafts near doorways and windows. Re-caulk as needed to keep heat from getting out. For old windows that are impossible to caulk, look into buying plastic window coverings available at local retailers.

Prevent Chimney Fires

You don't need to call the fire department when you first use your chimney during the winter. Schedule a visit from a chimney sweep on an annual basis to clean off creosote accumulation. This is also a great opportunity to uncover other issues with the chimney and give you a chance to address them so they don't become a major expense.

The Importance of Annual Tasks

Your annual home checkup and maintenance checklist should not be delayed. They do not strictly improve your property, but they also reduce future issues and ultimately save you money. For other home maintenance ideas, subscribe to this blog.

Property Energy Conservation Guidance – Marlboro

Minimizing energy usage in your Marlboro home is not only good for the environment but will also reduce your expenses. There are best practices that you can implement all year long. Below you will find property energy conservation guidance – Marlboro.

Temperature Settings

An electronic thermostat saves money on heat and air conditioning. Rather than leaving your heat or A/C on while you are away from home, a programmable thermostat gives you the option to systematically adjust the temperature at different points of the day. This also prevents you from forgetting to turn your thermostat down when you leave your house or while you are sleeping.


How you adjust the temperature in a house can be adapted to the type of heating system. Forced hot air systems warm an area very quickly, whereas hot water systems take much more time. If you have a forced hot air system, reduce the settings drastically and program it to increase shortly before your planned arrival time. For hot water systems, allow the system more time to heat up to the desired temperature.


Placement of air conditioners is something that you should think about. For built-in systems, the most optimal location for vents is close to the ceiling since cold air falls. For portable systems, try not to place them near doorways that open often and allow cold air to escape.


Appliances consume electricity even when they are powered off. For instance, an LCD or plasma TV takes about 400 watts when turned on and 4 watts when powered off. When you combine all of the electronics in a property, this can lead to a lot of unnecessary electricity over time. Take the time to unplug electronics that are not commonly used. To make this easier, attach multiple cords to a surge protector that can be powered off.

Water Consumption

Water is one of the most abused resources in Marlboro homes. At the very least, avoid leaving water running when brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Immediately fix plumbing leaks or running toilets. Consider water-saving toilets or place a solid object into the tanks of existing toilets to reduce the amount of water held for flushing. Low-flow faucets and shower fixtures can also help. These alterations will save on both water and sewer charges.

Minimizing Air Leaks

Keep doors and windows closed to retain the heat or air conditioning in your Marlboro home. If you have entrances with two sets of doors, close one door before opening the other. This will reduce the amount of air that leaves your space.

Interior Lighting

Make use of natural sunlight if possible to illuminate and heat up your home. Use solar powered outside lights. Energy conserving light bulbs are readily available and most are brighter and run longer than their traditional alternatives, making the upgrade an easy decision.

Property Energy Conservation Guidance – Marlboro

Some of the property energy conservation guidance – Marlboro above are quick fixes while others require you to be more aware of your energy consumption. Combined, they can lead to some savings on your recurring utility bills. Practice energy awareness year round in your Marlboro property to realize the most benefit from your efforts.

Creating Multiple Offers from Marlboro Home Buyers This Fall

For anyone who has listed their home on the Marlboro market, the equivalent of winning the lottery is a call from your agent telling you that multiple offers are on the way. It’s like hitting the jackpot — especially when the house draws top dollar and gets above asking price offers competing with each other.

Although the tactics that can trigger such a phone call vary by location and property type, a few overriding concepts put you far ahead in the competition to attract Marlboro’s motivated home buyers—

  • Build excitement
    Marlboro home buyers are like everyone else: whenever there’s a crowd, natural curiosity prompts us to find out what all the fuss is about. When you list your property a few days before beginning the showing process, you increase the odds of drawing a larger turnout on the first days of showings — or at your well-publicized open house. When homebuyers sense they are being shoehorned into a full schedule, they get the message: this one is hot! In a real estate environment where word-of-mouth can play a key role, it’s smart to actively set up buzz and good press around your property.
  • Team with a pro
    Nothing prevents you from doing all the legwork yourself — if you have the spare time, that is (and don’t mind wading through reams of property data online, taking all the home buyer calls, working through their schedule changes, etc.). But when you team with a seasoned agent to perform the prep work for you, it frees your time to tend to more important tasks. Also, professionals have experience in screening potential Marlboro home buyers and encouraging only those who are best qualified to make an offer — ultimately saving you time, effort and expense down the road.
  • Spruce it up
    As important as any other factor is being able to focus your energy on maintaining your home in impeccable shape. It is so true that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The dollars spent here and there on maintenance can draw ten times as much at closing. Marlboro home buyers usually have no trouble paying a bit extra for a well-maintained house. When home buyers are presented with a property in absolutely excellent shape, it communicates long-term value — as well as a solid, trouble-free investment!

For additional information, please contact Sujatha Bhaskara at Keller Williams Realty by calling 732-319-1340 or by emailing at Receive a custom evaluation for your home, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market and learn more about successfully positioning your Marlboro, NJ property to sell in a short time frame. For more information on what’s happening in the Marlboro, NJ real estate market, sign up to become a Marlboro Market Insider today!